Episode 3

Nordic Inspired Libby Helinski | Owner of Pappa Sven lifestyle business

Libby Helinski of Pappa Sven, owner of the Pappa Sven lifestyle business, talks about bringing all things Nordic to Australia.

My guest is a Nordic Inspired Aussie Libby Helinski, who after living a year in Skellefteå, the north of Sweden decided to change her career path and start her own business. She got so inspired by the Nordic lifestyle (including watching ice-hockey) that after arriving back in Australia she established the Pappa Sven business. Her Nordic lifestyle business includes a retail shop, online business, Pappa Sven community events and 2 airbnb’s in Newcastle,  2 h drive North of  Sydney.  Listen in how Libby has made her business strive during COVID-19.

For more information about Pappa Sven visit http://www.pappasven.com.au


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Published by Satu Raunola-Spencer

Satu (alias Finnsydney) is a Nordic born Sydneysider. She is passionate about making the world a better place, using common sense, sustainability and practical processes in business and everyday life. She is an entrepreneurial marketing and communications leader focusing on innovation. Satu has extensive global travel and tourism industry know-how and networks. Her love of family, travel, design, yoga, running and healthy lifestyle keeps her busy. Satu is always ready talk about education, science , culture, design and of course, Finland!

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