Episode 8

Four Nordic business and leadership survival hacks during COVID-19

I am reflecting on my interviews to this point. What have been some of the inspirational business and leadership survival strategies used by my Nordic and Nordic-inspired business and corporate leader guests during COVID-19? Listen in and get insights how four Nordic and Nordic-inspired business leaders Tietse Stelma of 50 Degrees North (Full interview in Eps 2), Libby Helinski of Pappa Sven (Full interview in Eps 3), Anders Lindstrom (Full interview in Eps 7) featuring Project Wingman USA and Tommi Nordstrom of Pupsy (Full interview in Eps 6) tackle their business and career challenges.

Published by Satu Raunola-Spencer

Satu (alias Finnsydney) is a Nordic born Sydneysider. She is passionate about making the world a better place, using common sense, sustainability and practical processes in business and everyday life. She is an entrepreneurial marketing and communications leader focusing on innovation. Satu has extensive global travel and tourism industry know-how and networks. Her love of family, travel, design, yoga, running and healthy lifestyle keeps her busy. Satu is always ready talk about education, science , culture, design and of course, Finland!

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