Episode 9

Championing Nordic gender equality in the global corporate world | Norwegian Silje Barningham, Head of HR in ANZ at Jacobs

Nordics have long been international champions of gender equality. The Nordic Region regularly  produces outstanding female Presidents, Prime Ministers and business leaders. On average almost three in every four working-age Nordic women are in paid employment, according to the OECD (2018).

However, to be a young female Nordic leader championing gender equality in a very male dominated corporate culture is not an easy task. My guest, Norwegian Silje Barningham, is a very successful HR professional at Jacobs who has been making ‘pro-equality’ waves in the corporate world throughout her career.  

We discuss the attributes and determination she has developed to change the traditional corporate culture to bring Nordic modelled gender equality to her work place.  She talks about the resilience and determination she gained as a child living an outdoor life in Norway. Her female leader idols in the 1980’s included Gro Harlem Brundtland, the first female PM of Norway and the Nordic region. 

Silje co-founded a start-up called Anorakki,which sells modernised versions of traditional Nordic Anorak jackets that last a lifetime. She talks about how the idea of Anorakki came about and how she has been able to bring a piece of Nordic culture to ANZ based on Norwegian “fritid” (leisure time) concept. 

You will learn 

  • The benefits that gender equality and diversity bring to corporation and community
  • The way Silje has been championing gender equality cultural change in her workplaces and in her teams
  • How Silje has developed her start-up idea from her own cultural traditions

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