Episode 17 PART 1 & 2

How to become a futurist?| A Global travel technology evangelist and futurist Johnny Thorsen| PART 1 & 2

Johnny Thorsen, Global Travel Evangelist & Futurist

It would be fabulous if you could predict the future, don’t you agree?

My guest Johnny Thorsen is a Global travel technology evangelist and futurist in the corporate travel and mobile world. He is a Dane and fellow Nordic based in California. Johnny has had an extremely impressive career within the travel, procurement and mobile world after living and working in 5 different countries in EMEA, APAC and now USA. He has been named twice as one of the 25 most influential people in the travel industry  by Business Travel News (BTN). Firstly  in 2010 as CEO and co-founder of conTgo, a UK-based startup acquired by Concur technologies and again in 2018 as VP of Strategy and Partnerships for his Mezi start-up. Johnny is also a strategic advisor for multiple other startups. 

We talk about his successful journey to becoming a startup entrepreneur and industry leader. Johnny also talks about the process he uses to construct his predictions for the future of travel.  

You will learn from Johnny how he

  • created his start-up expertise¬†
  • built conTgo from a two man start-up to a global success
  • has used Nordic characteristics to help him to be successful
  • has built his know-how and experience to become a sought after futurist for the travel industry

in PART 2 you will learn

  • How travel will bring value in the future 
  • How travel industry sectors including travel agents, meetings & events, hotels, rail, car rental,aviation and corporate travel will survive COVID-19
  • Who are the new start-up disruptors in travel
  • What is the role of Nordic countries when it comes to the future of t

Johnny Thorsen in Linkedin


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