Episode 23

Solving problems that help people live better lives | Ari Tulla, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Board Member, Dad

Ari Tulla

Silicon Valley based entrepreneur Ari Tulla made a big jump from Finnish Nokia and the gaming industry to the healthcare industry in the USA. In 2011 he co-founded BetterDoctor, a comprehensive doctor data engine that powers the healthcare market to help people to navigate the complicated US healthcare system. He also had personal reasons as he wanted to find better healthcare for his own family.

Ari ran BetterDoctor for over 10 years, after which time it was very successfully acquired by Quest Analytics and Ari became CEO in 2018. We discuss Ari’s journey from a teen tech gig in Northern Finland to becoming a serious entrepreneur in San Francisco. Ari talks about his strong drive ”Finnish Sisu “ to help people live better lives and his connection to his Finnish roots. We also discuss the reasons for the success of the Finnish start – up world. Ari talks about his recently founded stealth mode startup which is transforming food from the cause of disease to medicine.

You will learn from Ari about

  • how he has succeeded as a start-up entrepreneur
  • challenges and benefits when entering a new industry as an outsider
  • positive outcomes of the Nokia collapse for Finnish start-up

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Aei Tulla

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