Episode 24


Michael T Hansen, MD
Nilfisk Pacific

It is surprising to hear that there are over 600 Danish brands in Australia. How has little Denmark, with 5.5 M people, achieved this success? There is a very special relationship between these two countries, thanks to Jorn Utzon’s design of the Sydney Opera House and Tasmanian born HRH Crown Princess Mary. However, it doesn’t explain why Australians have embraced Danish products so wholeheartedly.

My guest, Michael T Hansen, the former Trade Commissioner of Denmark, talks about how the 2008/9 global financial crisis offered an opportunity for Danish companies in Australia when the rest of the world was in recession. During his eight years in the job he assisted over 200 Danish companies to enter the Australian market. Michael talks about why he thinks Danish design, cuisine, food products and livability concepts are now well known and desired in Australia. 

We discuss features of Danish and Nordic corporate culture which Michael has very successfully introduced to his staff as MD of iconic Danish company Nilfisk. 

Michael also introduces how, against all odds, hel and his wife Parret have built a stunning, 100% off-the-grid Danish designed holiday house in Australia.

You will learn from Michael about

  • How he has succeeded in making hundreds of Danish companies into household names in Australia 
  • The challenges and wins in promoting a country in the other side of the world
  •  Nordic tips for a successful career 

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Michael and Parret’s holiday home (in Danish)


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