Episode 25

Building bridges between Nordic start-ups and South-East Asia | Sami Jääskeläinen, Community Director, Nordic Innovation House, Singapore

Sami Jääskeläinen, Nordic Innovations House, Singapore

Singapore based Finn Sami Jääskeläinen runs Nordic Innovation House, a community platform for accelerating Nordic start-ups in the Singapore and South-East Asia region. 

Sami’s colourful career included being a professional chef in Helsinki and later moving into advertising as a team lead for iconic global brands such as Nokia and Finlandia Vodka. Sami now has a successful career as a Nordic start-up Community Director in Singapore. This has included running  partnerships for Slush, the super successful start-up event based in Finland.

We discuss Sami’s experience of cultural differences working as a Nordic in Singapore and in his collaborations with other Nordic colleagues. Nordic Innovation House is a unique collaboration platform between five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Their aim is to connect Nordic start-ups with major innovation hubs globally including Singapore, Silicon Valley, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. 

You will learn from Sami about

  • how he has built his career from a chef to a global start-up advisor
  • Managing cultural differences, challenges and benefits living as a Nordic in South East Asia 
  • his resilience and curiosity in conquering new areas to progress in his professional life 

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Sami Jaaskelainen, Nordic Innovation House

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