Episode 25

Building bridges between Nordic start-ups and South-East Asia | Sami Jääskeläinen, Community Director, Nordic Innovation House, Singapore Singapore based Finn Sami Jääskeläinen runs Nordic Innovation House, a community platform for accelerating Nordic start-ups in the Singapore and South-East Asia region.  Sami’s colourful career included being a professional chef in Helsinki and later moving into advertisingContinue reading “Episode 25”

Episode 23

Solving problems that help people live better lives | Ari Tulla, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Board Member, Dad Silicon Valley based entrepreneur Ari Tulla made a big jump from Finnish Nokia and the gaming industry to the healthcare industry in the USA. In 2011 he co-founded BetterDoctor, a comprehensive doctor data engine that powers the healthcareContinue reading “Episode 23”

Episode 11

How to turn retrenchment into a success story in 6 minutes | Watchmaker Susan Galvin, Founder, Galvin Watch Company  Getting retrenched during COVID-19 can be truly devastating, especially when it happens during your maternity leave. This happened to my guest Susan Galvin, who was retrenched in March this year. Instead of becoming paralysed by theContinue reading “Episode 11”